7 Best Mold Remediation Companies In Miami

Mold Removal Today

Mold Removal Today is a family-owned business. We have been serving Sunrise, Florida and the surrounding area since 2005. Mold Removal Today provides mold inspections and removal services for homes and businesses. It also offers six-month and one year mold maintenance programs that include infrared disinfection and electrostatic disinfection as well as ULV fogging and duct cleaning. To improve indoor air quality, the team can also remove mold odors. Mold Removal Today is certified by the IICRC and NORMI.

Shield Damage Restoration

Shield Damage Restoration is a family owned and operated company that serves Sunrise. It provides 24/7 support to homeowners who have suffered damage from mold, water, or fire. They perform mold and air quality tests to identify and remove mold from properties. They can also deal with water damage from flooding and leaks, which could lead to mold growth and moisture. This company has more than 10 years industry experience. The company also provides Spanish-speaking services.

911 Restoration of Miami

A water leak can cause mold to form within 24 hours of its impact on your business. 911 Restoration Inc. understands how important it is to provide prompt and efficient mold remediation services. Mold growth is easily triggered by unresolved water problems.

Get professional assistance with mold remediation in Miami 24 hours a day at (305) 280-0755. Within 45 minutes of receiving an emergency call, their team can reach homes or businesses in Hallandale, Doral and Pembroke Pines. Once they arrive, technicians can conduct a free visual mold inspection on the property.

Property owners can get free visual mold inspections from their technicians. This is how they can help you. They can quickly come up with a mold remediation strategy. Mold experts know how damaging mold and water can cause to property surfaces. 

Certified Mold Free

Certified Mold Free serves Sunrise and South Florida business and home owners. Its technicians follow the NAERMC standards and provide mold remediation services that are safe for the environment. They clean up mold damage and rebuild drywall to restore indoor air quality. Garen Rosen, a biochemist and Ph.D. founded the company in 2002. He created the state-approved education program and licensing program for mold remediators and assessors under the NAERMC.

Drytek Restoration

Drytek Restoration is a team made up of experts who provide restoration services for residential and commercial customers in Sunrise and the surrounding area. It is a state-certified mold service provider with more than 10 years experience. It employs trained technicians who use the correct equipment and techniques to clean out mold. They also assist in the prevention of mold growth. Mold remediation involves inspection, assessment and use of air-filtration techniques. It provides emergency services 24 hours a day.

FL Contractors

FL Contractors, a full-service general contracting company based in Sunrise, has been serving Southern Florida since more than a decade. It offers mold remediation services to homeowners who have suffered from mold infestation. To prevent mold growth and spread of health hazards, they are certified to safely remove mold from surfaces. FL Contractors can also assist clients with property reconstruction, home remodeling, and renovation.

Cinergy Restoration

Cinergy Restoration provides services for property owners in Sunrise who require assistance with mold mitigation and removal. The professionals can detect moisture sources and leaks that could be causing mold growth. They then use industry-standard methods and tools to remove the mold. They also offer services such as fire damage restoration, water removal and re-construction. Since 2000, it has provided services for commercial and residential restoration. The staff can be reached 24/7 to meet the needs of clients.