Canon G7x Review: A Good Enough For Advanced Photographers?

Short answer: It is.

After a year of intensive testing, I believe every photographer should own a compact camera that is professional-grade. It can’t compete with the Canon D1X or 600mm F4 Lens on safari in Africa, but it is still a great little camera that I sometimes love more than my DSLR.

This article will give you a detailed review of the Canon G7x.

Although it is not the latest model, the key features remain the same as the G7x Mark II. This is not a traditional review where all the details are discussed and compared. I can’t guarantee it will become a shameless advertisement for compact cameras. G7x is only a few years old. It was actually released in September 2014. It was nearing extinct when I bought mine at Christmas 2015. I still get great photos with this camera.


Here are some specs for the G7x, in a classic review style.

  • 20 MP, 1 inch sensor (2.73 crop factor)
  • 8-36.8mm Lens (24-100mm equivalent)
  • 8 – 2.8 F-Numbers
  • Touch tilt screen 3 inches
  • Dimensions: 103 x 60x 40 mm
  • 304g
  • SD Card Slot
  • ISO 125- 12800
  • 12 Bit CR2 RAW
  • Full HD 60/30 FPS

There are other gimmicks, such as WIFI and NFC connectivity. But I don’t think it matters.

These specs are not what you would expect from a DSLR, or a camera that is suitable for advanced photographers.

Here are the cons.


Cameras with small sensors can be used to bring out the best of you. Because the sensor is smaller, it has less megapixels than a DSLR. This makes the quality of the images poor. The sensor is smaller and has more pixels, but the images aren’t as sharp as a DSLR. It also cannot record 4k videos. You are also limited by the lens, and the F-Numbers for the smaller sensor are higher. You can also make noisy images at night because there is no viewfinder.

I have spent more than 1 1/2 years with this camera and all of these points don’t really matter.

The only negative I found was the absence of an external microphone input. However, this is only relevant for vloggers. The next part will explain why it doesn’t matter.

Why Cons are Not Important

This article is “Canon G7x Reviews: Good Enough For Advanced Photographers?” , and not “Does an advanced camera take technical better photos than a DSLR?” Because the purpose is different, it doesn’t have to be as competitive as a DSLR. The small camera can take great photos in many situations.

You compress images to smaller sizes, so that the megapixels don’t really matter.

Even in low light conditions or with a slower shutter speed, you can still make great pictures. Although the lens cannot be changed, it is versatile and can take in a lot of different angles. You can also make panoramas. Also, I don’t think 4k is important as most people don’t watch 4k videos.

Why I Love The G7x

As I looked through my Lightroom catalogue and searched for photos for this article, I was pleasantly surprised at how many great pictures I had taken with this camera. It’s even used in some portfolio and favorite photos. I always assume that I took the large prints with my big DSLR when I entertain guests at home.

Key Features

These are my top priorities when it comes to a camera. These features make the G7x an excellent camera for any situation. RAW is the most important feature of the camera. A cheaper compact camera that could only shoot JPG was my previous one, and it limited me in post-processing so I only used it occasionally. RAW allows you to post-process your images in a variety of ways. The other thing is its compact size (103x60x40mm) and light weight (304g. It can be carried around with you almost everywhere. Every photographer has missed great moments because he didn’t have a camera or couldn’t take a picture with his smartphone. I always have my camera in my pocket. Over the years, I took many great photos because the circumstances were just right. If you don’t want to be noticed, a smaller size can also work well. Street photography is not something you want to draw attention to. It is easier to see that you are taking photos of other people with a small camera.

Additional Features

These are nice features, but not necessary. They are useful, but they don’t make my life easier. Both the Mark II and G7x come with an integrated 3-stop ND Filter. While it’s nice to have, it is not essential. It is fun to play with, but it is not something I use often. The camera is lightweight so it can be held still for long exposures. The touchscreen screen is standard on newer cameras. But make sure to get the Canon G7x screws for screen replacement.

Although it is nice to have, I use the buttons on my camera most of the times. Although the display is not large enough and the menu points too small to be useful, it is convenient to see the focus points in real-time view. Dust will not accumulate on your sensor because the lens is attached to the camera. It is possible to collect dust from the system, but I won’t say that it is impossible. This is great if you don’t want to carry your large DSLR. My G7x is always with me to the beach, and I have never had any problems.

How to Buy a Compact Camera

These are the features that a compact camera should offer advanced photographers. Here are some other things to consider when you’re looking at buying one. I suggest going to a shop and trying out different cameras and finding what you love. An older model of a camera can sometimes be used, but the changes are often not that significant.