Do You Get High Six Times on Your Credit Card

The average person has more than $4,000 mortgage payment, keep up with the rent, with food, cost of living bills, car payments, credit card payments, health insurance, gas and other transportation cost, the electric bill (air conditioning or heat), the newenges babies, the new necessities for healthy children, the education bills for guidance in the learning environment for school, books for school, computers or other items that can be purchased using that convenient little plastic card, gather resources, spend money that you do not have and consider your situation.

How did the house get so expensive? Did you buy using your credit card?

You probably know this is going to be a continuing discussion on the blogs to establish proper, prudent, and thought out spending priorities for our composure. This is because we all emphasize our received knowledge of regaining our piece of that stone and put it into action. However, many find that those credit cards got them down due to bad decisions or unfortunately, a very difficult situation.

To properly educate yourself for the pitfalls of having too much credit in your purse, your do not need a rigid education program for acquiring with the plastic card. There are many well written educational guides on the internet on proper spending, money management and bill organizing. The only thing you need is your common sense and your desire to change things.

There is another segment of the population that strongly believes that they were responsible for their current predicament. Everyone seems to agree on that. They may disagree with them but at least they are aware of the problem. As a matter of fact, they may even be in some debt due to poor spending habits.

What is the problem? It is all bicycles, factual discipline and living within one’s means.

Being in financial debt means that you spend beyond what you can afford. In the time, with energy bills sucking up all your available money, there is not enough left with you to fulfill waking dreams, family vacations, or education.

Humans are very swift in making judgment. There is instant gratification that makes us want all things right away. There is a buying frenzy out there that pushes prey all time. Instead of saving and enjoying your lifetime, you buy all the stuff you cannot afford and sit with the anxiety of debt hanging over your mind.

Sadly, one credit card payment is not going to turn over into being debt free. If you cannot pay your monthly obligations, do not go negotiate with the creditors and make the payments because you will get nowhere.

Debt does not discriminate either the races, gender, religion, or age. The indiscriminate use of credit cards and improper spending habits is most often the problem with people not warming up to their obligations.

1. Do you self Discipline your life and spending habits?

Do you do clever things like steel are used to make things strong. The same goes with methods of discipline in regards to money. Consider this: We all have habits and one is doing something bad with our money. Once we change that bad habit, along with your habits, you have accomplish a half way to financial freedom. That with a little will power and animalcy, you have a second chance.

2. Has your financial situation changed due to job loss, down-sizing, or other resource discipline?

Have you changed jobs or are you working because you have always worked those long hours? People change jobs; we all have to change our way of thinking. This is where you can decide to spend your income whether it be wisely or with dismay. There are no guarantees and you have to start somewhere.

3. Do you have a plan

Do you have a fiscally responsible plan to help yourself and or your loved ones? This is a simple strategy of living below your means. It is easy to feel like you have accomplished a lot more than you have. Living below your means does not have to be demanding. Formulate a reasonable budget, track your spending, and see where you can cut back on expenses. Because these are little things, you will start to see the money little by little — and those little dollars turn into money.

4. Are you working to keep up with the Jones’s

Being a home owner is great. But it comes with responsibility. Too many times we feel like we need or deserve a new car. We may have the criteria for a new car but do not have the money for it. It may not be the car of our dreams. But we will not be happy with what we have. We have to treat ourselves for putting the time and effort to drive that dream car. We do not have to keep buying that dream car and paying interest to keep it. We can put the car on borrowed or credit when we have a plan to pay it off.