How To Fix Broken Glasses

Broken glasses are a pain in the neck for those of us who wear glasses. Broken glasses can severely limit your vision, whether you drop them on the ground, step on them accidentally, or break them during sports. You may be able salvage your frames depending on how severe they are. This article will show you how to fix glasses broken or sunglasses broken. We will explore various scenarios such as broken glasses arms, broken frames, and broken nose pads. We’ll explain what not to do and what can be done.

What you should not do

Let’s suppose your frames have broken but your lenses still work fine. While you are trying to figure out how to fix broken glasses best, this is what you should do: Never Try to fit your lenses onto a new pair of frames. Your lenses are made specifically for your frame. To avoid eye strain or fatigue, the optical center of your lenses must align with your pupil. Retrofitting your lenses to a new frame can help reduce vision strain. This is especially true for progressive glasses. Because progressive lenses are multifocal, it is virtually impossible to reuse them without accurate measurements.

If the frame around your lens breaks

It is not unusual for the frame surrounding the lens to crack, especially the bridge. Broken frames of metal glasses can be repaired, but you don’t have any options. Welding metal eyeglasses is a common task. This may make them best suited to a well-equipped shop. Sometimes, plastic frames offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to home-based solutions. This is how to fix plastic glasses frames that have been damaged using bonding glue.

1. Make sure to clean up any traces of dust and particles.

2. To prevent glue from escaping, cover your lenses with wax paper.

3. Use bonding glue to join the pieces.

4. Keep the pieces together for at most a minute

5. Set the glasses aside and allow it to sit for about 15-20 minutes.

Use caution when using bonding glue for the repair of broken glasses. If glue accidentally gets on your lenses, it can be very difficult to remove. The warranty that came with the glue may be voided if you use it. If you are unsure, take it to an optical shop or contact your original glasses provider.

If the arm is broken

Excessive wear and tear can cause the arm of your glasses to break off or fall off over time. This is usually caused by the hinge screw that holds the arm and frame together falling out. There are two ways to fix broken plastic glasses arms.

Eyeglass repair kit:

You can buy eyeglass repair kits at your local optometrist or drugstore. These kits include spare screws, a screwdriver, nose pads and a magnifier. Replace the damaged screw with the spare one included in the kit. If you have problems with your glasses, it is a good idea for you to replace the hinge screw.


Although we don’t recommend this as a first choice, others have used this method to keep the arm in place. You just need to stick the toothpick in the place where the screw would be and then trim any excess toothpick . We recommend that you consult the company from which your glasses were purchased before trying any home-made methods.

If the nose pads become damaged

It is easy to fix broken nose pads. Most glasses have small nose pads screws that hold the nose pads together. These pads can sometimes become loose and break over time. Use a nosepad screwdriver from an eyeglass fix kit to replace a broken or loose nose pad. Replace the damaged nosepad with new ones. You should have spare nose pads in your eyeglass repair kit. Nose pads can be purchased at a local optical shop, or you can visiting that has a wide selection of nose pads for all major brands, click here.

It can’t be fixed

Sometimes, your glasses may become irreparable. If your frames have been broken in multiple places, glue won’t be able hold them in place. In this instance, it may be a good idea to buy a new set. Also, your lenses may be cracked or worse, broken. There is no way to save them. Broken glass can get in your eyes and limit your vision. While you can fix minor scratches, it is not possible to replace damaged or cracked lenses. You can bring your broken glasses to a certified lab, optical shop, or glasses provider if you have tried all of the possible methods. If the damage is too severe, you might have to order a new pair of glasses.


There are many ways to fix broken glasses frames. However, sometimes it is easier and more cost-effective to order a replacement.