How to Repeat a Brazilian Wax Once Your Hair grows Back

There isn’t any need to repeat a Brazilian wax once your hair grows back. If you simply can’t wait for your hair to grow back and you dread the thought of going to a waxing salon, you can just wait it out and stick with your DIY plan. Waxing is still the best way to permanently remove body hair.


Before you start waxing, make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly so that it will be easier to comb afterwards. If you don’t wash your hair, you will leave behind all the natural oils that it has now. These oils will cause it to be brittle and susceptible to breakage. After washing, dry your hair by using a hooded hair dryer or with a blower. But, only use one at a time. Try to let the hair dry naturally and then pick up small sections to shape the hair. Use a band to hold the hair in place.


First, you’ll want to apply about ¼ to ½ cup of wax over the area where you want to remove the hair. You can apply it a little more than once, but each time is enough. You’ll want to avoid having it on your skin. If you burn yourself, you’ll have to wait a few days for the redness to go away.

Then, you’ll want to put a cloth or strip of cloth on the wax, hold it between your fingers, and then pull it off. This strips the wax off from your skin. Then, you’ll want to put another cloth over that and pull the two off. Again, use a little extra cloth to clean away any remaining wax.

Then, you’ll want to put something oily on the wax. Some professionals use hot water to soak it in, but you can also use mayonnaise or salad dressing. It is called an ‘oily wax.’ Unwanted hair is great if you have it on your lip or you like to wear short skirts. If your legs are exposed, however, they might want to consider ‘dry waxing.’

Use a pair of tweezers to get rid of the unwanted hair. Smooth the area down with the tweezers and wait a few seconds to make sure that hair is straight. Then, apply some hair removal cream or a depilatory.

The depilatory creams and gels for hair removal take away the hair quickly and painlessly, and they also bleach the hair. The hair is dissolved under the heat of the skin, and then it sticks to the skin and is difficult to remove. However, the depilatories still must be washed off, usually with water.

Whatever method you choose for hair removal, consider having it done from a professional. One of the disadvantages of home methods is that it’s difficult to tell if you’re doing it yourself or if someone else is doing it. Also, it’s possible to scratch the area as you pull the strips off. A professional can do it in a way that you’re not likely to be able to.

Most depilatories and waxes work best on legs, bikini lines, and underarms. These areas are already quite sensitive, so the waxing should be especially easy.

Before waxing, exfoliate the skin. You can do this by using a wet washcloth and some  ancare lotion. This will help soothe the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Wash hands well and apply lotion to the area. Then, trim or shave the area to just above the tool. You don’t want to cut yourself.

Place the wax next to the skin. Make sure it matches the texture of the rest of the skin. Then, pressing down with your hand or a pair of tweezers, apply the wax.

Avoid skin that is dry or wrinkled, or else the wax may not stick to the hair.

Then, wait for it to dry. This is going to take minutes. Note that it may be possible to get a few tears, but that’s okay. Finally, you should apply on some sort of lubricant to the skin. This tends to keep the skin from drying out too much.

Once the wax has cooled down a little bit, you’ll be able to remove it with clean cotton strips. If there are any remaining hairs after removing the wax and application of the lubricant, it can be trimmed. Smooth out the newly waxed area with a fresh solution of lotion or anti-somoicylic acid to reduce redness or irritation.

You’re ready to go, with the help of your new, flawless razor. And, you know, looking good is just part of the whole package.