Learn How to Make Sure Your Dog’s Dog Park Experience is a Positive One

Imagine this, you wake up early a.m. eager to begin your day at the park with your dog. Before you head out, you stop at the coffee shop and order a cup of coffee, a donut, or a chocolate cake. You place your order, wait your turn at the window, and then walk back to your car. Now imagine that you drive back to the ‘grassy area’. oops, you did not clean your car.

Once you arrive back at the scene of the crime, you see that your clean car has been destroyed. The coffee supply has been chewed, the donut devastated, and the chocolate cake stolen. Imagine further that this parking lot is fenced and you cannot seem to escape the curiosity of your dog. You slowly retreat in the comfort of your home,igo the security of your apartment is not while you are suffering this trespass into your city.

I have seen this type of scenario play out over and over again. People are the best judge of character. When they walk their dog in this private area, what do they look for? What keeps them coming back? What keeps them returning? Why are they visiting this area?

I have the answer to all of these questions in my book, “The Amazing Dog Training Man”. You can find it on the market, or order it through my website. The book is about dog behavior and training.

Dogs need to have strong boundaries. Yes, strong boundaries may mean having a gate installed in the door, or chain collar, or having filled water containers placed around the perimeter of the yard, but it does not mean harsh punishment.

Toxic To The Animal

Nobody wants to see their dog show signs of pain or poisoning. When dogs have been sprayed by a skunk, they will be affected for the rest of their lives. If you come home to a skunk staining your Persian carpet, you will be afraid for the animal’s life.

When pets are sprayed by a skunk, they are affected for life. If you have animals in your home, you will be terrified of the culprit, skunk oil. The problem is, when you don’t ward off the skunk with a bat, or byilies, your dog may get dizzy when he tries to walk. If you come home to a problem with your animal’s balance, you need to make sure he is not dragging his legs against a wall, or he may be unsteady on his feet. At the very least, he needs to wear pair of latex gloves, or rub it on his paws.


If you come home to a pet that has been poisoned, he needs to be treated immediately. Professionals spray vegetable oil on things that are harmful to dogs, such as plants, furniture, and textiles. The oil is usually applied when you first come home, and again when the animal is consuming it. If you come home after a skunk spray, you must wear a pair of gloves and wash your hands and clothes.

A thoroughly trained animal may seem like another thing to worry about, but it doesn’t mean that you should try to take care of the animal. If a skunk oily spray has touched you, you need to wash your clothes and get the stink off your skin. Then, grab a pair of gloves and rub the mess around, even if it is just a vegetable oil background. You will transfer the oil to your hand and rub it in your hair or on a paw. After doing so, dry off the dog with air heat or water, taking care not to burn the animal.